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Connect your Stripe account and get paid

Create Stripe subscriptions through Grouptizer.
Set the price and currency you want.
If you don't have an account, you will be able to create one during the process.

Forget about adding or removing users manually

Our Telegram bot grouptizer_bot automatically handles the entry and removal of users based on the validity of their subscriptions.

You don't need a website

We offer you a customizable subscription Landing Page where your users can subscribe and unsubscribe.
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Manage your groups and users through our easy to use web interface.

Access Codes

If you prefer, allow your customers to access the group using Access Codes generated by you, with the validity you want.
You can sell them or give them away to whoever you want on your own.

VIP users

Define which users can enter the group without paying a subscription. Grouptizer will let them in and will not kick them out.

How it works?


Signup on Grouptizer, create a group or channel, add grouptizer_bot as admin, and verify with the sent code.

Configure the payment method (Stripe and/or Access Codes) and define the subscription.

Grouptizer will create a public subscription Landing Page to share with your customers.

Discover the whole process in our article:
How to create a paid Telegram channel

Estimate your earnings

You will be earning:

€1,875 / month

Recommended Plan:

Ultimate Plan

How many paying users do you have?

How much do you charge your members per month?


Free Plan

0 / month

  • 10% commission of your Stripe earnings
  • Unlimited users and groups
  • Access Codes, up to 30 simultaneous actives
🌱 Best if you're making up to €357 per month
Pro Plan

25 / month

  • 3% commission of your Stripe earnings
  • Unlimited users and groups
  • Unlimited Access Codes
🏎 Best if you're making up to €1250 per month
Ultimate Plan

50 / month

  • 1% commission of your Stripe earnings
  • Unlimited users and groups
  • Unlimited Access Codes
🚀 Best if you're making over €1250 per month


What is Groupizer?

Grouptizer is a SaaS platform that allows you to create paid subscriptions of your private Telegram groups and channels and control access automatically.

How does Groupizer work?

It works with our Telegram bot grouptizer_bot. Automatically control who enters and leaves the group. Accepts access to the group from those users with an active subscription, and expels them (without banning them) when they cancel and/or expire.

What permissions does grouptizer_bot have?

It only identifies to which group the bot has been added to ('my_chat_member'), new users ('chat_member') and access requests ('chat_join_request'). He can't read any messages. We respect the privacy of all your groups.

What payment methods is it compatible with?

Grouptizer can integrate with Stripe and Grouptizer Access Codes. Both can work at the same time in the same group. If you don't have a Stripe account, you can create one during the group creation process or later.

What are the steps to get it up and running?

  1. Sign up for Grouptizer with the Plan of your choice.
  2. Create a new Telegram group or channel and verify it.
  3. Connect the group with Stripe (optional).
  4. Create your subscription by choosing the currency and the price (optional).
  5. Share the public link with your customers so they can subscribe and join the group.

What do users have to do to subscribe to my group?

  1. Enter the public link of the group.
  2. Pay the subscription.
  3. Join the group through a generated Telegram invite link

What do users have to do to cancel their subscription?

  1. Enter the public link of the group.
  2. Click on the cancellation link.
  3. Provide the Access Code or email they used when subscribing.
  4. Enter the verification code.
  5. The subscription will be canceled and will no longer be renewed. They will continue to have access to the group until it expires, at which point Grouptizer will kick them out of the group.

What is the subscription and cancellation landing page?

It is the web page that users see when they enter the public link of the group. It is used so that they can subscribe or unsubscribe from the group.

Does it work with existing groups or channels?

No, you will have to create a new group or channel to use with Grouptizer. If you already have a working group you will have to tell your users to move to the new one and share the group public link with they.

Why can't I use Grouptizer with existing groups or channels?

Telegram has a technical limitation to prevent SPAM and the abuse of its services: in groups and channels, it does not allow users present to be accurately returned. Therefore, the only way we have to check the current users of the group is by counting from 0 with a new group.

What happens if I disconnect my Stripe account from Grouptizer?

Grouptizer will no longer be able to communicate with Stripe and we will not be able to manage your users' subscriptions. Nor can new ones be subscribed.

Active subscriptions:

  • Subscription plans will not be canceled and will still be charged.
  • Members of your groups will NO longer be able to interact with their plans to cancel them.

What happens if I remove grouptizer_bot from my group?

Automatic access control will stop working and could cause mismatches between the actual number of subscribers and users within the group.

What happens when I reach the Plan limits?

Free plan:

  • The Free Plan allows unlimited Stripe users. With a limit of 30 simultaneous for those who use Access Code.
  • Once you reach 30 active subscriptions of this type or exceed them in number, new users will not be able to enter using the Access Code until the number is less than 30.

How do I cancel my Grouptizer subscription?

Choose the Free Plan and you will not be charged anything per month.

If there are active subscriptions of users in your groups, the commission of the Free Plan will continue to be charged from those earnings obtained.

Can I use my own Telegram invite links or add users manually?

No. Whether you invite users using your own invitation links or add users manually, Grouptizer will not be able to recognize them in the system or remove them.

Why do I get "link expired" when I try to join a group or channel?

When you manually kick a user out of your group or channel, Telegram also bans them from rejoining and displays that message. If you want them to be able to rejoin you have to unban them through the group or channel options in Telegram.